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How does solar system works?
Sun releases tiny bits of energy known as photons, which are emitted in sufficient numbers to generate power to fulfill energy requirements. help in generating power. In order to generate the flow of electricity solar photovoltaic plates are used to let photons knocked electrons from atoms. As solar panels comprise of many small photovoltaic cells that are linked together. Thus the more panel you will deploy, the more energy will be produced.
Does solar system help in getting rid of the load shedding?
Of course, the main reason of using solar system is to have uninterrupted power supply, in order to get rid of the problems caused due to frequent power outage. The system works at the day time and charges the battery with the surplus energy which is generated when the sun is shining. In case of power outage, the seamless transition of energy continues from the grid station to provide you the backup of power at any time.
Are solar customers also connected to the grid?
Yes, we use an on-grid system which means our customers also get connected to the electrical grid station. Through this system excess electricity which is produced through solar system can be sold back to the national grid station. This system enables you to have an uninterrupted supply on energy throughout the time, even in the blackout days.
Does solar panels work in overcast climates
Yes, solar panels do work even in the overcast climates, but performance may be affected. Solar panels work best when the sun is shining but for such days’ batteries are connected with the system which helps in storing energy for later use. Thus, you never get to face power outages.
How solar system is cost effective?
Getting a solar system installed is one-time investment that too does not bother you when you have to pay a hefty amount as monthly electricity bill. Mounting electricity prices and tariffs are making it even more difficult to stay on the conventional system as for businesses and industries, increasing energy prices means increased overall cost of production. Therefore, if once invested in a high quality solar system that will save you from bills for at least the next twenty years.
Does the quality of solar system varies company to company?
Definitely it does! As every company offers different quality of batteries and solar plates which are incorporated to have an efficient system. Therefore, it is imperative to select a company that ensures a promising system and a proper after sale service which greatly helps in having a high quality system with smooth services.
Will installing solar panels damage my roof and how much it takes to install?
There is no chance that the installation process will damage the roof. Our advanced technology and workmanship make it possible to install the system without causing any damage to the roof. While it takes only 6 to 7 hours to install the whole system. 
Will I ever have to replace my solar panels?
Not likely, as they are designed to prepare for exposure to harsh outdoor elements. There are first generation solar panels that are still in service even after 40 years and still perform to produce 75% of their original output. Our quality solar system performs to its optimum for the next 25 to 30 years, without having any hassle of replacement.

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