Industrial Solutions

For Controling Your Energy Production

Manufacturing industries account for about one-third of the total energy consumption nationwide. In this sector, energy cost constitutes a large proportion of the total production cost. Therefore, industries strive to keep meticulous attention to maintain energy costs as low as possible. However, industries in Pakistan have suffered a lot in the last two decades, due to the constant power outage and increasing tariffs have aggravated the entire scenario to its worst. Thus, numerous industries switched towards a sustainable alternative sources of energy. IAS played a pivotal role to extend its support to a plethora of industries in successfully installing huge solar plants for seamless transformation that is featured with immaculate design and finest technology. Industrial solar plants offer innumerable benefits to the industries as well as the whole environment. As the industrial sector is greatly responsible to emit greenhouse gases into the atmosphere which is also becoming a major cause of concern for environmental activists around the globe.

Why IAS Helps You Better

Our photovoltaic plates are perfectly sized according to the energy needs of every client, that varies according to the size of the home and appliances used. We offer a perfect and complete residential solution that is customized according to your energy consumption and allocated budget that does not only save your bills but also adds value to your life.

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