Commercial Solutions

For Controling Your Energy Production

Presently Pakistan is on an energy pathway that majorly depends upon imported fossil fuels and outdated technology of power generation. This causes a shortage of energy supply, frequent power cuts, and expensive energy costs. Due to this, over half of the rural population is even unable to access electricity at all, which also hinders their efficiency in the commercial sector and thus, weakening the economy as a whole. Renewable energy obtained through innovative solar systems is considered as one of the cheapest forms of electricity generation in Pakistan. Using the sun as the key source to fulfill the commercial energy needs is not only cheap but also offers a greater advantage over polluting thermal coal power plants.

Why IAS Helps You Better

Our photovoltaic plates are perfectly sized according to the energy needs of every client, that varies according to the size of the home and appliances used. We offer a perfect and complete residential solution that is customized according to your energy consumption and allocated budget that does not only save your bills but also adds value to your life.