Agriculture Solutions

For Controling Your Energy Production

Agriculture is a critical, dynamic, and essential part of our country. Whereas, it has been facing unprecedented challenges due to the succession of the severe energy crisis that eventually leads to absolutely no power supply to most of our rural areas, and crippled the economic growth. Thus, the introduction of a solar system for meeting agricultural needs have changed the whole agricultural game, for the areas where electricity has never reached at all. We at IAS identified a grave need of providing solar-based energy solutions to the agricultural sector and taken great stride in fostering awareness regarding the agricultural-based solar solutions. We provide complete high-end solutions to all the energy needs in rural areas. After successful installation, our dedicated team ensures to provide incredible after-sale service to help the farmers in having a greater reliance on unprecedented economic benefits.

Why IAS Helps You Better

Our photovoltaic plates are perfectly sized according to the energy needs of every client, that varies according to the size of the home and appliances used. We offer a perfect and complete residential solution that is customized according to your energy consumption and allocated budget that does not only save your bills but also adds value to your life.

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